Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Soul of the Militant Artisan

...because for some of us music & art is life, not an escape. Can't just do it like a job, it has to be felt to have worth.

(said by a friend of mine, Tram Truong...and I did not ask his permission to use this here, but he is a really cool dude and is an amazing photographer. Check out his work here.)

((ok...I didn't even ask him if THAT is the link I should use, or even use it at all...but then...this IS the "militant artisan" and I'm firing all guns to get the word out of amazing artists and the things they do...))

(((And I DID send the word out to artists to write their own thing, and only ONE *shrug* you know...gotta keep content going...)))

peace out

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