Saturday, October 30, 2010


Competition among artists is bullshit.
Being each other's muse is amazing.

In a drawing class, the instructor will put 3 pears on a pedestal and say "draw."
Thirty-five students will all look at the same three pears, but each and every one will draw the pears in their own style through their own perspective. 35 students x the number of years the instructor teaches and there will never EVER be two drawings the same. The best part of sitting in a room with thirty-five artists is that they will feed off of each other and push each other to go a bit further outside of the box.

This is what artists do. Rather, this is what we should be doing.
Not sitting around worried about "the competition", but instead feed, push and inspire each other...share knowledge, materials, food, laughs and have each other's backs.

I am looking for other militant artists. Does not matter what you create...whether it is an outstanding life, amazing photography, sensational clothing or unique is about creating - and having each other's backs.

Who's in?