Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The one thing that you can do to give your being more energy, and to reach your goals, is to live in congruence.

Do what you say.
Live your words.
Take action on your thoughts.
Set priorities and then follow-through.

The concept is simple.

When we do not live in congruence, we not agreeing with our own self. Our actions are not in harmony with our thoughts. I would venture to say - we are lying to ourselves.

We are inspired and motivated by those who accomplish the things they say they will accomplish. We hold these individuals up in admiration. We want to talk to them and find out how they did "it." What is the secret to their success? How can we have such success?

Successful individuals know what they want. They set their priorities and then put into action the things that will bring them to their goal.

Actions that are congruent with thoughts/goals/ideas bring success.

*from the Latin congruus, from congruere, to come together, agree

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