Thursday, October 7, 2010

Words heard at a recent craft fair

"I can get this cheaper at Target."

"Oh...I saw this same thing down the street."

"What a bunch of crap."

"This doesn't look like anything I've ever seen."

Responses that I would love to say, but have not...yet:

"No you can not get this cheaper at Target, or Wal-Mart, or Kohl's...heck maybe even Macy's...Because it does not exist there. Jewelry from those places are worn by thousands of other people, have no soul and was made by a machine (the jewelry that is, not the people...well...maybe). This piece was designed at 3:00 a.m., the metal cut out at 7:00am after numerous cups of coffee and while cutting the metal the saw blade broke and I cut my finger....I did clean the blood off..."

"No, you didn't see the same thing down the street because I designed and made all of this myself. It can not exist in another booth. Take a closer look and you will see how unique this is."

"Crap? Move along. You are apparently not our customer, and further, you have no idea of what you are looking at. Never heard fine silver called "crap" before..."

"You are correct. You have not seen this before because these are all original designs. I purposefully do not make what everyone else does. I am an artist and bring forth my own ideas."


  1. It's too scary for the average person to be unique. Better to have the big box retailer tell them what to wear/look like/be. Stick to your guns - there are real people out there who value creativity and ingenuity and artisans. Who value unique things made by real people. The rest of 'em can go take a flying leap!

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  2. beautifully said Lisa, even if you only thought it. xo